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  We provide everything you need to process credit & debit cards. From superior merchant services to state-of-the-art terminals and software. Our products have proven to be the industry leaders in technology and usability.

Wireless Credit Card Equipment


The PAX S90 is PCI certified and delivers secure transactions with a state of the art 32-bit processor to support DUKPT, Master / Session, DES, 3DES. The ARM9 microprocessor assures faster, reliable transactions anywhere and every time. It offers an unparalleled array of wireless connectivity configurations (GPRS, CDMA, Wi-Fi).

Credit Card Equipment


The VX 520 is a reliable, rugged countertop device that’s built to last. It handles encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds thanks to its powerful processor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and also supports value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.


PAX’s S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines innovation, durability and high performance to assure faster, more reliable transactions.


The Vx 570 provides merchants with future-proof connectivity. It has built-in support for dial, and an option of combining dial and Ethernet. Our merchants with broadband service already installed can immediately process payments through the always-on connection. Smart and stylish, the Vx 570 has an intuitive, ATM-style interface and bold menu prompts to reduce help desk training time, support and costs. And its anti-glare, white backlit display provides exceptional readability. The Vx 570 is PCI PED and EMV Level 1 and 2 approved to offer the most reliable security available.


The FD130 Terminal from First Data is an affordable solution that combines performance, reliability and ease of use in compact, feature-rich devices. The best part is the FD130 Terminal is ready for EMV technology, the new industry standard in security. The FD130 uses cutting-edge technology to enable you to accept transactions when a customer presents you with an EMV card; a card embedded with a special chip that adds an important layer of security. In addition to the added security, the FD130 Terminal gives you full range of solutions for payment processing, including credit, debit, gift cards, personal paper checks and EBT.

Point Of Sale (POS)


AZT presents its most compact all-in-one POS solution to date, the POP-1088 series. These systems combine an ultra-small footprint, sleek look, ease of use, and highly integrated features into one simple and elegant solution. This Android POP-A1088 features a tilt projective capacitive touch screen, a built-in 3” printer with auto-cutter, a built-in magnetic credit card reader, and a customer display opposite the touch screen. These all-in-one systems are extremely small, measuring only 9.8 inches by 7.8 inches, creating space and organization in retail and restaurant environments. It also has the highly integrated features and the economics of Android systems, making it an affordable and ultra-reliable option for POS solutions.