We provide everything you need to process credit & debit cards. From superior merchant services to state-of-the-art terminals and software. Our products have proven to be the industry leaders in technology and usability.



Merchant Services Optimum M4230: A  wireless Credit Card terminal(s) option with more power and memory than other wireless terminals. The PCI PED approved product provides a built-in magnetic stripe reader and the keypad operates as a PIN Pad for debit card transactions. The GSM/GPRS wireless coverage presents a wide range of connectivity. While the battery life is estimated to be eight hours per charge this terminal gives you the freedom to process transactions out in the field.





Merchant Services The NURIT 8020 also offers a choice of communication options for mobile markets everywhere, including WiFi and GSM/GPRS.

It features a large white backlit, touchscreen display with electronic signature capture and a wide range of options that enhance its value-added functionality.

Its sophisticated multi-application NURIT platform supports a range of payment and value-added services–including credit, debit, and EBT.