BREAKING NEWS! Merchant Lynx introduces LYNX POS Hybrid Point of Sale System
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We Help Schools Work Smarter

We offer solutions that help schools focus more on what they do best.

Merchant Lynx Enables Clients to:

Seamlessly accept payments for school lunches — online, at school or in the cafeteria at the point of sale

Accept online payments for everything from activities to equipment rentals to donations and club dues from a single site

Sell products from an online student store while managing an inventory of items bought both online and in person

Manage ticket sales online and track attendance for athletic and other events

Process, organize and implement free and reduced price meals in accordance with federal regulations (and allow parents to apply for these programs with a few clicks)

Enable parents to make convenient installment payments on higher priced items, such as class trips

Allow parents and students to complete forms electronically, which can be integrated with SIS and general ledger platforms into a centralized, secure database

Enable parents to receive reminders about their child’s account

Avoid having to process checks for insufficient funds

Enjoy an efficient solution for school or district payroll and record management

Our Technological Solutions:

  Are designed by experts in your industry, so you know they fit your needs

 Are innovations that help your company grow

  Reflect a commitment to security and industry-specific standards

  Are backed by comprehensive service and support, with one point of contact and accountability

  Offer easy access to the information you need to make informed decisions