BREAKING NEWS! Merchant Lynx introduces LYNX POS Hybrid Point of Sale System
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Government & Defense

Customize Your Payment Processing Solutions

We understand the distinct challenges local governments and utility providers face in a budget-tightened landscape. Clients of all sizes turn to Merchant Lynx for customized payment processing solutions that improve efficiency, enhance their customers’ experience and increase their revenues.

We Streamline Payment Processing Operations
with Solutions That:

 Efficiently collect taxes, parking fines, utilities and other license fees

Boost revenue and productivity

Increase on-time collections

Improve customer convenience and satisfaction with shorter lines and options to pay online, in person or via mobile

Reduce time spent on customer service calls regarding payments

Pass processing costs to end users via a convenience fee

Our Government-Focused Solutions Can Encompass
a Variety of Payment Platforms:

 POS terminals


eCommerce solutions that integrate into utilities’ websites for accepting online payments

Mobile payments software

Services that allow customers to prepay and make just-in-time utilities payments

Our Solutions:

 Are designed by experts in your industry, so you know they fit your needs

  Are innovations that help your company grow

  Reflect a commitment to security and industry-specific standards

  Are backed by comprehensive service and support, with one point of contact and accountability

  Offer easy access to the information you need to make informed decisions